March 26th, 2004


Delivered the car to the restoration shop, Gage Auto (no longer in business…checked Oct 22nd, 2022), that is known for its restorations. They will be doing the rest of the body work such as making all the lines of the car perfectly straight, getting all the little waves out of the metal, applyinjg the filler, making sure the doors, trunk, hood, glass, is all aligned perfectly with the new weather-stripping. Then they will be doing the show quality paint job, undercoat on the undercarriage, applying Zolotone to the interior of the car. Cost? Estimate is 8500 bucks. Not cheap, but not bad for a show quality job either. Here are some pic’s of us delivering her.

All the molding, bumpers, emblems laid out so they can make sure everything looks right before paint.

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