March 13th, 2007


Yes, yes, it’s been a while since I updated, but not a lot going on behind the scenes until today. Finally, got a spot in at Gage Auto and dropped the girl off to get all that stuff I mentioned earlier done. I’ve found that there is a leak in the brake system, since when I started in reverse to get the girl out of the warehouse, the brakes didn’t work. Wow, talk about a scary moment. I slammed it into park, which is hard in itself since the shifter is very mushy. Maloof will be fixing that soon enough. Plus, thank god I had the emergency brake installed by Maloof, stopped the car very quickly.

Anyway, I opened up the master cylinder and the large reservoir was dry. Filled it back up and the brakes worked great.

Loaded the girl up and dropped her off. I took this picture with my cell phone so not sure how good it looks:

Getting there, bit by bit. I’m hoping by the Fall Fling, I will have it completely ready for its first show.

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